AÏGO Movable Handlebar For Vertical Transfer

Category: Stand up Lifts

Ref: Aigo

The AIGO handlebar is a verticalization element that facilitates the transfer from the bed to the chair. The principle of this element is that the patient himself participates in the transfer, turning it into an exercise, thus improving his autonomy in addition to making him feel useful in helping the assistant. Very useful element for home care.

Top of Handlebar: It is adjustable in height, the inclination and angle of the handlebar facilitates spontaneous movement. In turn, the envelope design of the handlebar creates a feeling of security for those who have apprehension to falls.

It integrates two supports at the knees, which allows to give the user greater security thanks to the support of the lower part of the body.

Altura Regulable , A- 60,5 , F- 76 cm