Category: Comfort and relaxation systems, Sofas

Ref: 2801 (1plaza), 2802 (2plazas), 2803 (3plazas)

AKIRA sofa, structure made of air-dried solid pine wood, giving the whole great rigidity and durability. Upper part of the arms is beech wood.

Seat and backrest made of polyurethane foam between HR 35-40KG / m³ of high density, guateada and completely upholstered. Upholstered with vinyl fabrics with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and abrasion resistant protection.

Easy to clean and maintain. Insensitive to light

Individual : H 77 x A 75 x F 73 cm
Dos plazas : H 77 x A 130 x F 73 cm
Tres plazas : H 77 x A 138 x F 73 cm