Category: Armchairs, Comfort and relaxation systems

Ref: 2611 (Lune Individual), 2612 (Lune doble)

Fixed single or double armchair with straight armrests and high backrest.

The LUNE armchair has been designed so that the arms are sufficiently hard, and the seat is sufficiently tilted to allow easy support when getting up. Solid wood structure.
The armchair is upholstered with vinyl fabrics, provided with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal protection and with resistance to abrasion. Easy to clean. Insensitive to light.

Estructura: Solid wood structure.

Características Adicionales: High-density polyurethane foam. Upholstered.

Individual : H 104 x A 68 x F 75 cm cm
Doble : H 104 x A 112 x F 75 cm cm