Hygienesling with extra back support.

Category: Harness, Slings and Vests

Ref: 46

Raising or lowering people with a serious disability to the toilet and being able to remove them at the same time requires well-designed harnesses that provide the greatest access around the body without altering safety.

It is equipped with a safety tape, ideal for patients with poor stability. It allows the patient to dress and undress when going up or down to the toilet. Can be used with arm inside the harness. It has a back support for greater support, safety and comfort.

Liko regarding safety continues to be a standard in the industry. The products are always analyzed by accredited institutes. Liko harnesses for bath and shower are made with a net covered by a waterproof plastic. They are available in several models to meet the individual needs of support and comfort of different patients in the best possible way.

FABRIC: Polyester, with teddy bear print

XS, S, M, L, XL cm