Category: Comfort and relaxation systems, Sofas

Ref: 2914 (1plazas), 2915 (2plazas), 2916 (3plazas), 2917 (4plazas)

Frame constructed of selected and treated wood; for the part of the structure that has to withstand the stress resistance, suspension in the seats by means of elastic belt NEA 780/4 that constitutes an experienced, comfortable silent and long-lasting system.

The backrests and seats incorporate polyurethane foam of 30 kg / m³ density. Coated with organic hollow fiber. The gluing of the different parts is done with flame retardant ECOLOGICAL glue and without any toxicity. Optionally it can be requested removable.

Upholstered with vinyl fabrics with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and abrasion resistant protection. Easy to clean and maintain. Insensitive to light. There are other upholstery options.

Individual : H 90 x A 115 x F 95 cm
Dos plazas : H 90 x A 178 x F 95 cm
Tres plazas : H 90 x A 208 x F 95 cm
Cuatro plazas : H 90 x A 228 x F 95 cm