Silhouette Sling

Category: Harness, Slings and Vests

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It is a pliable sling that adapts to the body and requires minimal wheelchair space. Recommended for lifting to sitting and to/from close-fitting wheelchairs, the sling provides a slightly reclined sitting posture that is suitable for patients with poor trunk stability.It features an adjustable head support, good whole-body support and the option for the patient to hold his/her arms inside or outside the sling.SilhouetteSling is made of a comfortable net fabric that body heat and moisture can pass through.SilhouetteSling is popular in rehabilitation situations and can be used during bathing. It is available in several sizes, from extra small to large.To develop an optimal harness, you must know the details of the patient’s function and situation at all levels, both physical and social. Over the years, we have worked closely with our customers to obtain this knowledge, and today, there is a Liko harness for each lifting situation and this can be yours. FABRIC : polyester net

XS, S, M, L cm