Viking M

Category: Lifts, Mobile, Patient and Overhead Lifts

Ref: 2040 045

Made of aluminum (aluminum has many environmental advantages), it weighs 35Kg, which makes the crane very light and easy to handle when there is a user in elevation. Maximum load that supports 205Kg. The crane allows elevations directly from the ground, elevations from the bed, transfers from bed to chair, transfers between armchairs, mobility exercises if equipped with armrests, raise or lower the toilet with the appropriate vest, and horizontal elevations.

The batteries have no memory effect and charging may be interrupted as many times as necessary. It incorporates four monoblock swivel wheels, two with brakes, adjustable mast in three height positions, travel of the hanger from 41 to 181cm. Lifting and opening of legs by means of cable control. Autonomous control panel with overweight warning light.