Partners for a personalized and full supply

Adapted solutions to the needs of the project.

Due to our vast experience, training, experimentation and knowledge of the sector, you will see us as your best partner to define a unique and differentiated project, and we will guide you in the definition of attributes for the future development of your business. Your success is our aim.

Stage 1

Understand the needs to advise you

With extensive experience, we have competent professionals who are at your entire disposal to guide you in your project. They are in permanent contact with each other, which allows us to share concerns and locate solutions based on previous experiences, to advise and personalize and differentiate your project.

Stage 2

Propose alternatives to rest assure

Depending on your budget, your public or private vocation, and the profile of your patient-residents, we will make an initial budget with all possible options. You will find alternatives and solutions for the equipment of common rooms, equipment of rooms and rest systems, specialized equipment, exterior, decorative solutions, textile solutions and all kinds of necessary accessories. As partners of your project we can be the perfect interlocutor with your construction management.

Stage 3

Study and design your solution

Our technical office and our team of interior designers study your project taking into account all the variables analyzed, proposing adapted and customized solutions to the space, with implementation and distribution plans. A personalized and unique project. We can offer you 2D implementation plans, 3D aesthetic proposals, and an aesthetic argument so that the implementation of light, color, paint, coatings and textiles are perfectly coordinated and obey a feeling.
All this can be translated into real physical samples to begin to shape ideas.

Stage 4

Production and manufacture

We have specialized production resources that allow us to offer both standardized and customized solutions, both in finishes and dimensions and / or design.
And if your solution does not fit into our productive means, do not worry because we have enough technical knowledge to be able to outsource your needs in specialized workshops

Stage 5


We have over 4,000m2 in our facilities to group and coordinate your integral equipment projects. We try to minimize the mobilization of merchandise, so we also have agreements with logistics centers in Ferrol, Oviedo, Valladolid, Santander, Madrid, Zaragoza, Azpeitia, Barcelona and Sagunto, with their corresponding teams of installers, from where we will also make groupings for to be able to coordinate the distribution of equipment for integral solutions.

All designed for your full satisfaction

Stage 6

Guarantee of a correct installation

We verify the accesses and the download and distribution areas so that everything flows as agreed, in the shortest possible time with the greatest security.
Our project leader accompanies the installation process to optimize the coordination of the process and adapt to any setback that may arise.
Our commitment to the environment guarantees the disposal of assembly or packaging waste at authorized clean points.
We do everything for you to be satisfied.