Articulated mattress base with adjustable legs

Category: Articulated mattress bases, Rest systems

Ref: 4003ok1, 4013ok1, 4003ok2, 4013ok2, 4003ok3

Base articulated in four sections with linak (LN) or okin engine (OK). Bed covered with broad slats (1) or with double non-slip slats with lumbar reinforcement on a tilting support (2). Adjustable legs in height. Includes IV pole support and lifting support.

Somier regulable optimo para camas adaptadas para enfermos , ancianos o discapacitados. Las camas articuladas  favorecen el descanso y su ergonomía previene de problemas al asistente.


Slats: Double, Wide

4003 (somier 90): 90x193x45cm cm
4013 (somier 105): 105x193x45cm cm