Sit-to-stand Lift

Category: Lifts

Ref: SafetyVest mod93

SABINA II Electric Standing Lift with hanger 350. Maximum load 200 kg, made of steel
with epoxy finish, weight 44 kg. Mechanical lifting aid that allows standing
by auxiliary band and support of lower limbs at the level of the knees and feet. Designed
especially to make versatile transfers of patients who can participate in an active way
in lifting operation. Sabina II is a model that offers a comfortable lift,
correct, safe and ergonomic. Adjustable height adjustment for patients of different sizes. He
Lower leg support and footrest can be easily removed when necessary.
Motorized leg opening.
Safetyvest Standing Harness mod 93. Made of nylon, sizes M and L. It allows a perfect
subjection of patients without muscle tone, avoiding suffering in the armpits.