Category: Stand up Lifts

Ref: giro

The Giro vertical transfer handlebar is a rotary device to help people with motor difficulties in the lower limbs.

It consists of a rotating base that incorporates a handlebar. Turn is recommended for the transfer between the bed and the chair, for the toilet,…. (Maximum load: 130 kg)

MAINTENANCE: Rub with a solution of disinfectant detergent

USE: Allow incorporation and transfer from one sitting position to another

USER: A patient and a caregiver or family member.

TURN Structure: Manufacture in painted steel with epoxy resins.

TECHNICAL USE: Adjustable height of the handlebars, knee pads, adjustable belt at the level of the buttocks, non-slip footprints, two wheels that help movement and transfer.

Altura Regulable , A- 57,5 , F- 57,5 cm